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  • A day to be remembered for years

    September 20, 2019 by

    Penning down abt a day that could be narrated for years…. after spending the entire night in the miramar beach … we a gang of 6 with not even an inch of brain ..finally parked our car at 3:30 a.m in a burger shop as we were all dead hungry.. luckily that was the only… Read more

  • Its all about only you and only me!

    September 19, 2019 by

    Those shimmering stars lit up in skyFlowers and leaves shed down in my wayAs I walk.. into the woods of darknessI can understand the language of my inner silence.. All I could see is the moon bent like a sickleā€¦None other in my sight..In this silence of night.. My heart wanders like a deer.. That… Read more

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